Responsible for the strategy direction of the firm. Several years of experience in the IT Industry gave him deep knowledge in Enterprise Software.

Eduardo Talak

Founder & CEO

How we do it?

We work hard and smart every day to provide the best service and earn the trust of our customers. We establish partnerships with every company and business that require our services. By fully understanding how the business operates, we are able make an aproach of what IT solution is the best fit for it

Our Mission

Our goal is deliver the best solution for your business and enable your company to obtain the value expected from it. Since every business is different we believe there is no one solution that works for everyone. Our team works to develop customized IT solutions based on your business that will increase productivity while reducing downtime and costs.

Our History

Consultant ET is an international company founded by Eduardo Talak, that provides both software development services and IT consulting. We have worked side by side with small and large companies, becoming an extension of each one, growing together. We have provided IT Consulting services, developed software solutions from scratch and even modernizing legacy systems, always giving our best to improve availability, productivity and operability.

Tools and Frameworks

We’re the stand out experts in tech business